Why the Old Phantom Crypter?

The Old Phantom Crypter has been through rigorous development and testing for over 1 year! During this period we have pushed the limits with undetectable software and discovered unique crypting strategies along the way. This has given us an advantage that allows us to more effectively keep files fully undetected from analysis, reverse engineering, and antivirus software. The Old Phantom Crypter uses a very unique system based on Exploit to bypass all the strongest antivirus software in scantime and runtime!

Features of The Old Phantom Crypter



Video:Basic Edition


Video:Extended Edition


UPDATE: NEW Extended native crypting


UPDATE: Exploits


Bypassing 2 the strongest AntiVirus with startup in Runtime




U want private unique stub just for yourself? No problem, u can buy it just for 80$! U must have license already purchased to get private stub!

Available private stubs till the end of 2016: 2

NOTE: Do not buy The Old Phantom Crypter over Skype or any other social media, use this site and button above to make a purchase!

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Email: [email protected]