Terms of service The Old Phantom Crypter

[+] No crypting services free or paid.

[+] The Old Phantom Crypter cannot be used for crypting bank trojan/ransomware/botnet.

[+] TOP Crypter cannot start over RDP, it has RDP Protection, you must install it on your own host, if you refuse there will not be refund!

[+] Scan only on scanners in the crypter or with ziscan, majux or poison scanner.

[+] All sales are final, refund is not possible.

[+] We are not responsible for any actions of our customers with The Old Phantom Crypter.

[+] Illegal activities is not allowed.

[+] Do not use stollen money to buy any of our products.

[+] We can change TOS anytime.

[+] Support team/administrators cannot crypt files for you even you have a valid license.

[+] Support is available only via Skype and TeamViewer. We don't use AnyDesk or similar app.

[+] If you violate these rules your license will be banned!

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Email: [email protected]